Unboxing Sugarbox ‘Hot Mess’ Edition

Unboxing Sugarbox ‘Hot Mess’ Edition

Hello Lovelies,
I am sorry for being disconnected from you guys for so long. Since I had my exams, I had to take a break from blogging and concentrate on my exams. I am finally through the tough time and of course, again back with another exciting post. For today, I will be unboxing the HOT MESS Edition of Sugarbox. I have been a huge fan of Sugarbox and finally receiving it, is a dream come true for me. The one thing I love about Sugarbox is they deliver you with all exciting products and all these products will be full-sized. Yes! I mean no samples! So, before  First of all let me make you guys aware about what Sugarbox is?

What Is SUGARBOX?Sugarbox is a curated box full of exclusive goodies which are hand picked by their team of in-house stylists and epicureans just for you. By subscribing to Sugarbox, you will receive the latest international offerings in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and gourmet products at your doorstep, every month. Not to mention the first bragging rights that come with it!

Price: Rs.1899

Whats Inside Sugarbox Hot Mess Edition?: Hot Mess Edition comes housed in pretty white box with pink and violet ribbons on the box. It came covered with a plastic sheet and further enclosed in a cardboard box to avoid any type of damage to your box. When you open the box, you will find everything covered with a red sheet and on the top is placed a card on which is written the name of the theme, i.e., HOT MESS.
After raising the red curtain from the products, you will get treated with such a beautiful view as in the picture below. There are 9 amazing products in total. So now lets see what all is there inside the box one by one.

1. Look Pretty Play Dirty Hip Flask (7oz)- Rs.550

This alcohol flask is very cute and girly but since I do not drink, I have no clue what should I do with this flask. I found it so cute that I am not even ready to gift it to anyone. 😛

2. Soft Furry Panda Eye Mask- Rs. 350

Isnt this so cute? Well I really needed it since I am heading to Goa in few days, so this product will be my savior all through my way. Moreover it is cottony soft which ensures a peaceful sleep.

3. Makeup Blender- Rs. 450

The sponge comes in pink color and is very soft. This is my first ever sponge and I am quite excited to use it.

4. Heart Shape Konjac Sponge- Rs. 350

This is basically a face cleanser and comes in a cute heart shape. Though seems quite harsh for skin but if as soon as it comes in contact with water, it becomes soft and it wont damage your skin.

5. Candy Stick- Rs. 65

I love candies and this one was yummy and I am so sorry I lost the picture. You can see it in the picture of the box at the end.

6. Me Me Earrings- Rs.550

Others received a pair of lip and pearl earring but I received this one and frankly speaking I found them better. This is my type as even I have an habit of doing me-me 😀 These earrings came in that cute pouch.

7. Bliscent Chocolate Face Mask- Rs.180

Chocolate? Who does not love chocolate? This face pack looks exactly like cocoa powder and I will soon be sharing its review.

8. Snooze O Clock Lounge-wear Dress- Rs. 850

This product is totally useless for me. I have been sent XL size and I would have fit in S size. I dont know why Sugarbox team has sent random sizes, they should have asked for our sizes. What so ever, I had to give this dress to my mom.

9. I woke up like this Tote Bag- Rs.950

This is perhaps a very cute bag but I wish the color was different because white gets dirty too early. Otherwise, this is a very useful product and it is quite spacious too. The quality is great and yeah! I loved it. 😀

Overall Views: Were you calculating the actual cost from the prices I have written along the products? No? The total cost is Rs.4295 and what are you paying? Just Rs.1899! Damn! You can save Rs.2396. Isnt this a complete steal away deal. For me, just the flask is of no use and the size of lounge-wear made it useless but otherwise, I loved it too. There is no other product, I want to complain about as everything is one or the other way, useful for me. This would be an ideal gift for your moms, sisters and not to forget, boys, you can gift it to your girlfriends too. For girls, you can gift it to yourself too, as we of course love gifting ourselves. Dont we? 😛

Where To Buy?: Click here.

My Rating: 4.8/5.

Recommended?: Yes!


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