SUGANDHA Neem Green Tea Plant Mask Review

SUGANDHA Neem Green Tea Plant Mask Review

Product Description:

A mask for oily and acne prone skin which controls oiliness, breakouts and gives anti oxidant and healing benefits of green tea to the skin. This mask also helps with sun damage. It is a fantastic anti-ageing mask for oily skin, suited for sensitive skin.


Shelf Life: 24 months

Price: Rs. 900 for 60gms.

Availability: Buy it from here.

Directions for usage:
1. Take 1 TSP powder and mix with warm water to activate herbs.
2. Apply on face without scrubbing and wait for 2 mins to let it dry.
3. Apply honey to soften face mask, for moisturizing effect.
4. Wait for 2 mins and wash off with cold water.

Can be used 5 times a week and give a break for 2 days. Use as a face cleanser cum mask in the morning or evening. Don’t try to scrub acne skin as it will cause more breakouts.

This mask comes in a white plastic tub with a screw round cap which shuts tightly ensuring no spillage of the product. Around the jar, one can find all  the important details of the product.

It has a herbal fragrance something like heena powder and this mask even looks like heena powder. The fragrance is not so pleasant but thankfully it vanishes away after washing off the mask.

My Experience:
Sugandha Neem Green Tea Plant Mask has a texture similar to heena powder, i.e, fine and light green colored powder. When I am not having pimples, I use it my way as a face mask. I mixed the powder with water making it a thick paste and I left the mask for 15 minutes to dry but the mask took just 5 minutes to completely dry out. Instead of just washing off the mask, I sprinkled few drops of water on my face and massaged the mask over my face and due to tiny granules, I could scrub my face too. Once in a month, I go through pimples and I prefer using this mask during that period in the same way as prescribed by the brand. Frankly speaking, I could feel the difference after using this mask on my pimples as well as breakouts. The pimples reduce in size and the breakouts come quite in control. The presence of tiny granules helps in scrubbing off the blackheads imparting me a clearer and softer skin but it leaves a greenish tint on face after washing off which clears up within an hour. Since it is made from organic ingredients, a person with sensitive skin can also use this product. Only issue one might have from this product is that it is little expensive but this mask is worth the price.


1. Travel-friendly packaging.
2. Reduces size of pimples and controls breakouts.
3. It has exfoliation property too.
4. Imparts clear skin.
5. Suitable for all skin types.

1. Pricey (but worth it!)

My Rating: 5/5.

Recommended: Yes!

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