Lakme Insta Water Resistant Eyeliner Review

Lakme Insta Water Resistant Eyeliner Review

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If I ask you one beauty product which you cannot do without, what it would be? (You can reply in comments) Well, if you ask me, I would choose, without giving any second thought, an eyeliner. Eyeliner is my addiction and if I ever go out without applying it, I always get to hear did you cry today and I literally don’t look good without a liner and this is why I never forget to apply it. Now liners also have a huge variety but I always go for the one which is worth its price and a budget one is always welcomed. So, today I will be reviewing the eyeliner which I personally use and you will be amazed after knowing its price plus the brand needs no introduction. Lakme has never failed to impress us from its quality products. So, let’s move on to the review of this liner.

Product Description: This lightweight, deep intense, water-resistant black outliner gives you comfortable eye make-up all day long.
• Water resistant
• Deep Intense Colour

Available Shades: Black

Availability: You can buy it easily from your nearest stores or online. Buy it from Flipkart here.

Price & Quantity: Rs. 110 for 9ml.


Shelf Life: 30 months from date of packaging.

Packaging: Lakme Insta Liner comes in a glass bottle with a screw round cap and the bottle looks more of a bottle of nail polish. The brush is having appropriate length and thickness for ease in application. Plus this bottle is travel-friendly too.


Fragrance: Although the smell is mild but it is weird and you can smell it only when you deliberately smell from the bottle.

My Experience: This liquid eyeliner has a great texture and it is not at all runny. It has a jet or you can say deep black color. The tip of the brush is fine enough to make a thin line easily and you can accordingly increase the thickness as you want from this brush easily without any mess. I even find applying a winged liner easy from this liner and if ever your liner goes little above the perfect line you want, you can easily correct it with this brush and the thickness that would increase is hardly noticeable. Its major disadvantage is that it takes too long for this liner to dry and ladies who are always in a hurry would hate this delay but it also has an advantage that you can correct your mistakes from an ear bud before it dries away. Secondly, this liner is smudge proof and it cannot be easily be smudged away but if you rub vigorously by mistake, it will smudge away. In one smudge, it spreads and in 4-5 smudges it almost vanishes away leaving a light black mark kind of residue behind. For reference, look at the picture below. The claim that it is water resistant is not true because it easily spreads away when comes in contact with water. This liner, once mistakenly entered my eyes but thankfully it did not irritate and made my eyes red. This liner gives a beautiful intense black color which looks quite pretty and it does not seem from that color that it is just for Rs. 110. The disadvantages, for me, are negligible for the price we pay and what matters the most is its finish which is very beautiful.


1. Easily Available.
2. Travel-friendly.
3. Inexpensive.
4. Gives a beautiful intense black color.
5. Brush enables to apply liner of any thickness easily.
6. Applying winged liner is also easy.
7. Enables correcting mistakes.
8. Does not irritate eyes.
9. Smudge-proof.

1. It takes long for this liner to dry.
2. It is not water-resistant.

Recommended: Yes! Beginners should buy it for sure.

Will I Buy It Again: Yes! I cannot and don’t expect more from such a fairly priced liner. I just expect a beautiful intense color which this liner gives. I have applied this liner in the picture below and I just love it.

My Rating: 4/5.

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