Giving New Start To

Giving New Start To

Hey Itayans,

Hope all of you are doing great!

I am extremely sorry for being MIA! Those who were members of family from long might be wondering where all my previous posts are gone and why is all empty and why previous links on my social media are not working. So, today I am going to answer all those questions and what is the reason of giving a new start to

Actually due to some server issues, I lost all my blog data on expiring of the server and I didn’t maintain any backup of the data (completely my mistake). I was so upset on losing all my efforts because there were about more than 50 posts that I almost decided to quit blogging and just concentrate on my studies and this is the reason I was totally disconnected from blogging.

But then somehow, I, thankfully, was able to recover pictures of my post from the backup and for the posts, I can still see them in the web archives and even you can. So, few days back, I made up my mind of not giving up on my hobby and continuing my blog again. Finally, I am here again and since, I can’t let my previous posts go waste, I’ll be re-posting them again. After completing this process of publishing my previous posts, I’ll start posting new blog posts. This time I promise to be more regular in blogging and I promise lots of exciting, fun posts and more of fashion posts too. So, do subscribe to my blog and never miss any of my posts.



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