Dhathri Ayurvedic Fairness Face Pack Review

Dhathri Ayurvedic Fairness Face Pack Review

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A new day calls for a new review today. Well, those of you who are crazy behind natural and ayurvedic products would really find today’s review essential. The brand is less heard here because it is made and is famous in South. Isn’t it exciting? For me, this is the first thing which I used from south and read on to know is this product impressive or no?

Product Description: Dharthri Ayurvedic Fairness Facepack is developed through “Varnakaralepavidhi” process, as dictated in ancient ayurvedic manuscripts. The active ingredients in the preparation penetrate deep into the skin and help to treat pimples , black spots, dark patches and blemishes.
Applied For: Anti-acne & Pimples, Anti-marks & Spots Removal, Fairness, Radiance & Glow

Price: Rs. 205 for 50g.

Availability: Buy it from Flipkart here and Dhathri here.

Ingredients: Yavam, Irattimadhuram, Kolarakku, Manjal, Maramanjal, Kumkumappoovu, Thamarayalli, Njazhalppoovu, Nagappoovu, Rekthachandanam.
How To Use:

  1. Wash your face thoroughly.
  2. Mix 5g of Dhatri Fairness face pack with
  • For oily skin: Tomato juice/ orange juice.
  • For dry skin: Honey/ Curd/ Rose water.

* For normal skin: Pure water.

  1. Make a smooth paste.
  2. Apply evenly on your face and neck avoiding the area around the eyes for 3 minutes.
  3. Thereafter gently massage and rinse off with water.

Packaging: As far as I have seen there are 2 types of packaging available for this face pack. I received the one in which was some sachets and a small while bowl separately to make my face pack paste and all this came housed in a green & white cardboard box. Well, thank you Dhathri for the bowl, it was much needed. The other one is a tub packaging in which the face pack comes in a tub further housed in a cardboard box. For me, the sachets were better as they can be carried away easily without any risk of spillage. Behind, the sachets, you get the information related to usage and other information is mentioned on the box.

Fragrance: Kind of ayurvedic medicine.

My Experience: The face pack is brown colored powder and looks similar to dry mud. I have combination skin type and I preferred using it with rose water. I wanted a thick paste, so I added few drops of rose water but on applying I noticed lumps and this is why I added some more rose water which made the paste thin but thank god it was not dripping down. You can see my hand swatch below to see how this face pack looks when applied. After drying, I sprinkled few drops of water on my face and started massaging gently. I felt tiny granules while massaging and I realized that it works as a face scrub too. The granules were not very abrasive and would work effectively for the new blackheads. It won’t be much effective for the stubborn ones. After rinsing off, there was no residue left behind and I completely loved the instant glow and brightness it gave to my face. Moreover, my blackheads too reduced and thankfully it did not make me break out. The one good thing I noticed is, if you use this face pack regularly, you will notice a considerable amount of prevention of pimples. I have no dark spots and blemishes, so I cannot say much about its effectiveness on them but after reading the ingredient list, I am sure it will show positive results for these problems too. Go ladies and give it a try.


1. Nice packaging.
2. Imparts instant glow.
3. Works as a scrub too.
4. Does not let you breakout.
5. Prevents pimples.
6. Ingredient list is impressive.

1. Availability might be an issue.
2. Unpleasant smell.
3. Making a thick paste is next to impossible.

My Rating for This Product: 4/5.

Will I Re-Purchase It: Yes!

Recommended: Yes!

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